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Pamela N Munster,

Doctor, Scientist, Author, Mother, Friend

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Twisting Fate

How to change the fate of families with cancer

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the story behind

Twisting Fate describes my journey from a breast cancer specialist to a breast cancer patient and back. The story brings you to the cancer clinic, the operating room and into the heart and minds of patients and families going through cancer. Along the way you will also learn about the inherited risk of cancer and how it may affect your children. 
I will take you through some of the most challenging and difficult questions in medicine and let you hear the voices of those who have won and lost the battle with cancer.

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An essay adapted from Twisting Fate

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Research and Discovery

 to bring novel treatment strategies from the lab bench to the bed side

The Munster lab is committed to the eradication of cancer. Through creative approaches taken by our experienced and motivated team member including scientists, MDs and engineers, we are constantly exploring new compounds and strategies to help win the fight against cancer.

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Clinical Care In Cancer:
Specialties, Breast Cancer and Early Phase Clinical trials

Program leader Experimental Therapeutics UCSF
Co-Leader Center for BRCA research

Our clinic and clinical trials research program specializes on patients with breast cancer and other advanced cancers. Our treatment strategies range from approved therapies to phase I trials testing novel drugs and treatment approaches to combat cancer. Patients are taken care of by a team of clinicians, research nurses and and clinical trials coordinators dedicated to allow patients access to the latest research strategies and comprehensive care with the goal to prolong life and reduce suffering.

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"Life brings the most wonderful moments"

Dad's story

NBC news

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From Doctor to Patient, An Oncologist's Journey with Breast Cancer

NPR Michael Krasny

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Life Outside of Work

Life in Science and Medicine

Despite a life spent as a scientist and clinician, nature always hold hidden wonders, inspiration and reflections.

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1600 Divisadero St,
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San Francisco, CA 94115, USA

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